august recap

If you still come around this sad and neglected blog to find a desktop calendar... well you're in luck now for September.  For all you school people out there, pencils!  I used to LOVE buying school supplies.

September desktop can be found here.

How is it already September though?  This little baby girl is growing rapidly and time is going by so fast.  I'm treasuring every minute I have with just Dudley.

We spent the weekend in Mobile.  I had the honor of being in a beautiful red-headed friend's wedding. Driving down to Mobile we were driving right past Scooba - the town where Dudley's mom is from and where his Granny Ree lived.  We hadn't been there since her funeral, so we stopped to visit the grave.  We are naming our baby girl Jane, after Granny Ree.  So Jane got to visit Jane, too...  We sure do miss Granny Ree!

The next day was sort of a whirlwind being in wedding mode.  Katie was the most stunning bride... like she stepped out of a magazine.  Wish I'd captured a full-length shot of the two of us so you could see the full dress. I'm so thrilled for her new journey - she's going to have a blast!

My hottie date and I at the wedding....

After the wedding we ventured up to the Alluvian in Greenwood for some R&R and just Dudley and Martha time.  It was awesome.  I loved every second of doing absolutely nothing but eating a delicious meal and lazying around with my guy.  We won't really get to celebrate our 5th anniversary at the time it takes place (baby girl is due the day after), so this was our 5th celebration.  Beautiful lobby of this swanky hotel in the middle of the Mississippi delta...

We have a packed September... starting this weekend celebrating a birthday (in Oxford) for our one year old niece, Madi (Dudley's sister Katy's daughter).  I can't believe she's already 1!

We picked up some DELICIOUS Alabama peaches on our journey - be back with a peach pie recipe!


Leslie said...

LOVE Jane!!!

Becca said...

You are so cute with your baby bump!