the exterior

We have been enjoying our summer in Memphis, and thankfully it hasn't been TOO hot until this past week.  There have been quite a few nights that we have enjoyed sitting on the patio and there was a light breeze!  We know the humid summer is coming, so we definitely enjoyed those nights while we had them.

So far it has been quite eventful at our house... The roof project finally took place and our house looks like a brand new house.  So thankful that project is finally behind us.  Here she was before (with the roof color samples up)....

And here she is now.  The final phase of the exterior updates.

We are so pleased.  Feels like a brand new house!

Just for fun... Here's the house when we bought it.  We have come a LONG way!

This place has been a labor of love for T and I, and we have enjoyed every minute of it.  It really feels like home and I can't wait to start our family here and share it with this little peanut.  We are so blessed.

A few other projects have taken place this spring summer... I'll be back with those!

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Tamara Stanley said...

This project shows what a new roof can do to make your home exterior become beautiful again. People who will pass by your house might think that you did a lot of renovation. But the only thing you replaced was the roof, right? The style of your roof goes well with the brick siding. Great job!

Tamara Stanley @ Rhino Roofing