February.  It's usually a pretty boring month except for the Hallmark holiday that is February 14.  It's usually been busy season and is usually when it really kicks into the next gear as they're getting closer to their deadlines (I think? Right T?)  Anyway... I usually think of February and think, bleh.

This year it's already looking pretty eventful!  A few fun work meetings/events to look forward to, getting closer to the arrival of my second Jerkins niece, AND I'm going to start working on my first quilt top, AND we will start our library/living room project!

I can't wait to see what other excitement this month might bring to the Carter house (if there are already quite a few things to look forward to)!

Hope you're still enjoying these desktops (whoever you are) because I really like this one!  February 2013 here.

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