I love photos... I love old photos... and I want more of them in our home.  I just feel like a home with lots of photos and memorabilia is so very cozy.

I want to do a gallery wall in our hallway, but I have questions before pulling the trigger and nailing everything up...

1.  If you do a gallery wall in a hallway, does it need to be on every wall in said hallway?
2.  It's ok to mix all textures and colors and shapes of frames and sizes, right?
3.  It's ok to mix art and photos and other items in said gallery, right?

Here is our hallway now (with awesome doorbell and alarm)...

And I'm picturing gallery on the left empty wall.  So to expand on my first question, if I do it on this one wall, will the right wall (which is actually a shorter open space than the left) look off-balance?

Here are some images I've seen that I like...

via pottery barn

I've also seen some floor to ceiling ones that are awesome.  We will use the ole-cut-out-paper-the-size-of-your-stuff trick and tape it up to see the best layout.

Anyone have any thoughts?


wfayew said...

I would leave the other wall alone. Don't want it to be too overwhelming. Also, I love the idea of mixing sizes, shapes, patterns, art, and photos.

Leslie said...

Well you can check out my hallway on Thursday, but I've got two walls with black-framed black and white photos...a mix of old family photos and new ones, plus one charcoal art piece. And on the opposite wall I have a set of mirrors. When we move and set up the next house, I'll probably mix all of these together with other, not as matchy things just to change it up.

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