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Well it's been a month and a lot has happened around these parts...  I am officially an aunt to the sweetest little nugget baby -- see Leslie's blog for some great updates on the little beauty.  I've gotten some great time in with her and I just love her.  She's the sweetest.  Here she is on her birthday, August 10, 2011.

[one of our favorites taken by Uncle T]

We finished up some outdoor projects in the front of the house and have some green green grass now!

We saw Laura and Ryan here in Memphis and had some great times.

We played some wii with the Hursts.

We snuggled with our niece.

We had our first guests under the age of 5 stay with us, and it was so so much fun (their parents were here too).
[Sam didn't want his photo taken...]

We joined the zoo.

We celebrated my Granny's 91st birthday.

[all of the Memphis Guinn ladies on Granny's birthday... Aunt Gwynne, Leslie, Granny, Juliette, Me, Mae, my mom/Pam/Grammy]

We spoiled our puppy some more.

We've just been enjoying life together with great friends and our sweet family.

Each morning I get up and while I'm drinking coffee on the couch, I look out the window in the den and feel like I can just taste the fall weather.  I can't wait for the weather to even be in the 80's!  I love everything that fall brings--cardigans, pants, scarves etc (I've said it here probably every fall).

As successful as the marathon was last year, I won't be doing another one.  This fall I'll be training for the half-marathon and I'm so happy about that.  Love those 6 mile runs as opposed to 13+.

Pumped about the upcoming 3-day weekend to enjoy time outside, running, and snuggling that little niece.

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Ellen said...

Love that baby AND your hottie bangs! They are fantastic. See you sooon!!