I've always loved a good pair or fun pair of socks, but never knew how important a good pair was until I trained for the marathon last year.  Sure, when I ran the half-marathon I had some good running socks, but my go-to pair now are on a whole new level. 

These are the ones.  The ones that make my feet feel so great... the smartwool ultra-light running socks.

Wool in the summer?  Well, you just don't know how magical these socks are.  I had to get a new pair yesterday as my old green ones got a hole from my big toe during the marathon.  Can't wear those running anymore, but you better believe I'll still wear them for yard work or just around the house.  I love these socks.  Plus, it's probably all mental that I think these socks make me run "better" right?


The Davis Daily said...

where did you get these magnificent socks? I and Kelby probably could both use some for the race too.

Martha said...

fleet feet! hope you like them as much as I do!

Margie said...

ha! i just told aaron my goal was to get new running socks this week. weird. great minds think alike!