summa time ...

June is here and it's already hot hot hot!  We enjoyed a nice kick-off to the summer for our annual Memorial Day weekend with the Lotts.  Pool-time was thoroughly enjoyed in their awesome pool, and we might have even done some photo shoots?  T and I love this tradition because we know for sure we will see them every year (and hope it's not the only time)!  Love you two!
I spy 2 cutie dogs in this one... and maybe even the gib twice?

They both loved the auto-stitch and we might have done this for hours....

Margie and I also picked some blueberries on Saturday morning, which was a blast.  We came back with lots of good berry loot.  4.5 lbs to be exact!

Gibson and Biscotti continued to love each other and played and followed each other around all weekend...

Margie called us once we were home and said Biscotti kept going to our room looking for us/Gibson.  Come visit us soon, Scotti!

Aaron and T did some night swimming, and we critiqued their strokes from the side.  T actually had some good form, and we asked him where that came from... his response was, "I do watch Michael Phelps."

We love their pool so much and talked about how it'd be so nice to have.... instead, I think I'll go buy myself an inflatable kids pool to sit in this year.  Yep, you betta believe it.

Gib also got some good practice for riding in the car... I think he's coming around to being more ok with it....  He looks cute (and ready to get out of the car).

And, because I had a few people say how they would be sad when May was over and they had a different desktop, I decided to be completely crazy (joking) and change the colors of May for June desktop.  Enjoy!

June 2011 1600 x 1200
June 2011 1024 x 768
June 2011 1680 x 1050


laura stephens said...

love it lady, those pictures are too FUN! and get that baby pool, we can get our tan on and dye tshirts in your back yard at the same time!

Mandi said...

Love those pictures, Martha! Dudley will have to show Grant how that feature works.

Maybe while your enjoying your baby pool this summer, you should still consider getting a big pool one day!:)

lauren @ gathering moss said...

yesss! i may be ten days late (no time for blogging with the new job, sad) but i'm so excited!