ohh, gibson

This little pup is very funny.  When I say he loves us I really mean it.  Dudley says he has separation anxiety, which (hilariously) is probably the case.  Every morning I sleep a little longer than T, he lets the Gib out of his bed and outside, and has to make sure to shut our bedroom door or he would come bounding on top of me on the bed.  This wouldn't be an issue if he didn't shed so terribly.

So when I finally get up and go in the bathroom, he comes prancing in there and the look on his face is SO pitiful.  He has tears running down his face and has been sobbing the whole time he's been out of his bed (looking for me).  Poor little guy!  I can't help it that he's the cutest dog in the world and I snuggle him up and pet him and he's the happiest pup.  I guess we spoil him too much.

Anyone else out there have a pup with a little bit (a lot) of separation anxiety??


Leslie said...

We have to shut the door to the nursery when we leave or Weber will scratch up the blinds trying to watch us go! And if the suitcases come out, it's all over!

tyler said...

This sounds oh so familiar. Coop will go scratch on the door if one of us is up and the other is not.

The Davis Daily said...

have you met my dog Scout?!ha! She has all kinds of anxiety. Like Weber when the suitcases come out it is all over. I don't dare leave her outside anymore when I am gone or she figures a way out of our backyard.

Anonymous said...

Tyler was still in Memphis for 3 weeks after Maggie Mae, Reese and I moved to Texas.

Maggie Mae seemed to age 5 years. Really. I really think she didn't think Tyler was ever coming back. She walked slow, didn't get out of bed, barely ate, etc.